For the past 9+ years, I have worked with cross-functional teams designing products used by millions.

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Road to 1 milion
Access to Premium features and content
Fasting App Onboarding
Simple steps to start a new way of eating
Healthier Together
Glanceable stats for Fitbit's Family Account
Virtual Card Holder
A concept wallet for all your plastic needs

About me

I'm a self-taught Product Designer with over 9 years of design experience, during which I have successfully designed products for the work, health, and travel industries, to name a few.

Strong believer in collaboration as the key for success,
I thrive in high-performant, multidisciplinary teams. ✌️

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My current process

Visual Design
Data Analisys

My design philosophy

Belif 1
Design holds a great power that can shape our surroundings, affect our actions and enhance the quality of our lives.
Belif 2
Design should be inclusive and fair for all humans regardless of their background or abilities.
Belif 3
Care is the key element that should be included in any creation made by one person for another.