I design and ship products aiming to help people improve their lives

Previously at Fitbit, currently looking for the next opportunity
Road to 1 million
A then A then R
Healthier together
Glanceable stats for Fitbit's Family Account
Virtual Card Holder
A concept wallet for all your plastic needs
Coming soon...

About me

I'm a self-taught Product Designer with more than 7 years of design experience and a background in Computer Science. Passionate about aesthetics and the human mind, I use my skills in order to help people achieve their goals.

Strong believer in collaboration as the key for success,

I thrive in high-performant, multidisciplinary teams. ✌️

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My current process

Product Thinking
Interaction Design
User Testing
Visual Design
Tracking & Improving


I apply the inbox zero rule and I aim to reply within 24 hours