About me

Nice to meet you, I’m Emanuel Serbanoiu – Product Designer based in Bucharest, Romania.

For the past 6+ years I have been working with cross functional teams in the travel, home automation, and health industries shipping products used by millions of people.



Helping people improve their condition is what brought me into design. It still keeps me going. I’m lucky to have a constant fascination for betterment and for the human mind.

I absolutely love witty design solutions and masterfully crafted UIs – two things that enable my industrious nature and inspire me to become better at what I do.

My strengths as a designer lie in having the user's best interests in mind, a sensibility for structure and order, and a technical perspective of the design field.
I believe good design is user-centric, minimalistic, and communicates efficiently.

In my work I adopt the popular strategy of failing fast and recovering quick.

Strong believer in collaboration as the key for any project's success.

What people say

Steven Chen
Senior Product Manager
“Emanuel is a great design partner at Fitbit where we worked on Premium features together. Emanuel has great product intuition [...]”
Radu Vucea
Design Manager
“I've hired Emanuel in February 2018 and since then he's been an amazing employee and member of my team. [...]”
Anca Hotoi
Online Marketing Specialist
“It was fantastic to learn from Emanuel at The Informal School of IT. He is always capable of adapting to the needs of his students. [...]”
Tudor Juravlea
Trainer and Design Mentor
“Emanuel has proved to be a cultivated designer, a reliable colleague and a dedicated mentor for our students. [...]”

Things I'm good at

Problem Solving
Self Management
Workshop Facilitation
Design Theory
Flow Mapping
Interactive Prototyping
Usability Testing
Visual Design
Error Proofing


I apply the inbox zero rule and I aim to reply within 24 hours