Nice to meet you!

I’m Emanuel Șerbănoiu — self-taught Product Designer with a background in Computer Science. Passionate about finding the right problems to solve, I ask more why's than a 5-year-old on a Sunday.

A bit about yours truly

Helping people improve their condition is what brought me into design. What keeps me motivated to this day is my constant fascination for personal development and for the human mind.

Ambition and curiosity drive me to develop my ever-expanding creative toolbox, ranging from visual design to product strategy.

My experience as a designer and as a CS student has taught me how to empathise and understand the needs of both disciplines. I believe that masterfully crafted UIs go hand in hand with great, optimised code.

My strengths as a designer lie in being a good communicator, having the user's best interests in mind, a sensibility for structure and order, and a technical perspective of the design field.

What people say

“The thing I appreciated most when working together with Emanuel was his eye for detail. He deeply cares about the designs & journeys he works on and puts a lot of conscious thought into even the smallest aspects of his work.”
Sebastian Faust
Lead Software Engineer
“Emanuel is a great design partner at Fitbit where we worked on Premium features together. Emanuel has great product intuition [...]”
Steven Chen
Senior Product Manager
“I've hired Emanuel in February 2018 and since then he's been an amazing employee and member of my team. [...]”
Radu Vucea
Design Manager
“Emanuel has proved to be a cultivated designer, a reliable colleague and a dedicated mentor for our students. [...]”
Tudor Juravlea
Design Trainer and Mentor
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