Healthier together

The main goals of Fitbit’s Family Account was to enable families to spend more time together, interact more, and ultimately become healthy together. With the advent of Ace 2 - for kids, we tried to make all of those things more of a reality.


iOS, Android


Product Designer


3 months, 2019


Sketch, Principle


In 2019, Fitbit had more than 3 million family accounts, 2 devices on the market, and a vision to help parents and their children understand how physical activity impacts their overall well-being and health.


Offer Family Account members a preview of their health as a group, enabling them to engage in more healthy activities together.


User privacy and sensitive data, the technical challenges of user data pooling across micro-services, and design language at the time.


Extending the functionality of the Family Account, leveraging the already available data made it possible to imagine an easy to implement, easy to test solution. We imagined the following MVP that would allow us to scale.
The core of this initiative was the Family Tile. Conceptualising a tile that is glanceable, interactive, and packed with data began at the wireframing stage. This had to stand out from the other tiles on Fitbit’s Today, take into account that families had on average 3-4 members, and remain flexible and scalable for the future.


User-feedback, design critiques with the team, and visual design iterations – all led to an easy to set-up, easy to see and manage solution that brings family members together in one interactive tile right on your Fitbit dashboard.

Looking back

Glance Stats as we called it internally, surprised us during our user testing sessions because it proved to be a useful feature even beyond the Family Account.

People expressed their desire to have such a close group with friends and even with new people they meet on  Fitbit’s community.

Looking back, this feature pushed the boundaries of the design language and the capabilities inside Fitbit at the time.
Note: This short case-study is meant to give you an idea of how I work. The full version can be presented over a call.