Road to 1 million

Fitbit's vision was to be the world's largest health and behaviour change platform with 1 million active paying subscribers in 2020.


iOS, Android


Product Designer


6 - 7 months, 2020


Figma, Protopie


One of the research pieces conducted after the beta run in 2019 pointed to the need of a streamlined and succinct way to deliver the message about the offering.


Redesign the upsell screen so that it increases the trial activation rate, taking into account simplicity and user comprehension.


Working in a team distributed over 3 countries, app stores guidelines, internationalisation / the content management system, and the launch of new devices with new functionality.


Due to the setup, the resources available at the time, and the constraints, I adapted and followed a different design process than usual – this time with four core phases: Hypothesis – based on user research, 
Prototype – with the help of the design system, Experiment and Iterate.

Stars of the show

I ended up designing and testing 3 versions – with different underlying principles, showing each to more than 500k people.
16.12% improvement
17.6% improvement
20.11% improvement


In terms of trial activations, the checklist design had a major contribution, allowing us to surpass first 3 quarterly goals, sometimes even by 2x the amount.

The conversion rate from free to paid also was good and kept constantly around 50%.
Note: This short case-study is meant to give you an idea of how I work. The full version can be presented over a call.
~ 50%
free to paid conversion rate
> 500k subscribers
at the end of summer 2020